A Special Prayer for the Sick, Suffering, Those in Pain

Learn why celebrating Liturgy of the Hours is a better liturgical option than “watching” Mass live-streamed with the links below.

We can’t gather for Mass, how can we celebrate liturgy and why?

What is the Church doing since we can’t gather for Eucharist (Mass)? Is watching a live streamed Mass the best option or is there a better option for liturgy?

Why “Liturgy of the Hours” and why especially now?

How about the other half of the liturgical life of the Church and why it is more appropriate to celebrate now since we can’t gather with our parish community.

Why sung liturgy? And what’s the best resource to use?

Learn about this tradition of the Church, why it has been the norm and the ideal since the beginning. Learn how celebrateliturgynow.com will be the best and easiest, resource for you to use!

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